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Branches allow for parts of software to be developed in parallel.Large projects require many roles to be filled, including developers, build managers, and quality assurance personnel. Further, multiple releases on different operating system platforms may have to be maintained. Branches allow contributors to isolate changes without destabilizing the codebase, for example, fixes for bugs, new features, and versions integration. These changes may be later merged (resynchronized) after testing.

We provide our riders with expert coaching and sponsorship programs with the best equipment and goods the cycling industry has to offer. Riders have team mechanics to support them at races and train them how to maintain their own equipment. Travel support and logistics to races in and outside of the United States is made possible with the help of our generous sponsors.

  • Branches are also known as trees, streams or codelines. The originating branch is sometimes called the parent branch, the upstream branch (or simply upstream, especially if the branches are maintained by different organizations or individuals), or the backing stream. Child branches are branches that have a parent; a branch without a parent is referred to as the trunk or the mainline.
  • In some distributed revision control systems, such as Darcs, there is no distinction made between repositories and branches; in these systems, fetching a copy of a repository is equivalent to branching.
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A development branch or development tree of a piece of software is a version that is under development, and has not yet been officially released. In the open source community, the notion of release is typically metaphorical, since anyone can usually check out any desired version, whether it be in the development branch or not.


Our goal is to help instill self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others and an overall positive attitude in our riders. We believe the positive support of dedicated adults and the bonding that comes from being part of a team are vital to developing life skills.


Some revision control systems have specific jargon for the main development branch; for example, in CVS, it is called the "MAIN"; in Git it is called the "master". A more generic term is "mainline".


Often, the version that will eventually become the next major version is called the development branch. However, there is often more than one subsequent version of the software under development at a given time.